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8 ways to recycle and reuse your B2B content marketing

Optimize your resources and stay top of mind

Creating a steady flow of thought leadership content takes discipline and dedicated resources. To make the most of your topics, try taking a single content marketing idea and spinning it into multiple iterations.

With a bit of recycling and reuse, you can increase your impact, optimize your resources and stay top of mind with your target audience.

Try these ideas to repurpose your next topic

1. Go social

Extract a few key phrases from an article, video or podcast and turn them into a series of social media posts. Don’t forget to #hashtag each post with a common phrase.

2. Make a list

Weave a series of social media posts or tweets into a list or infographic, such as “Top 5 Ideas … ” or “7 Must-Haves …”.

3. Listen in

Tackle your topic as a conversation between two subject matter experts in your organization, then release the recording as a podcast.

4. Hit play

Produce a short video. Animate your key concepts, or simply record a company thought leader discussing the key points as a Q&A interview.

5. Roll the highlights

Release an even shorter video (under :20 seconds) and use it as a social media lead-in to your longer form content.

6. Empower your audience

Make a checklist or self-assessment with a list of key points or yes/no questions. These tools help your audience implement your recommendations.

7. Support your channel

Create a single slide with a compelling graphic and your content’s top three points. Distribute it to your sales channel to add to customer presentations.

8. Refresh your greatest hits

Revisit popular content from the past and post an updated version with a new headline, image and current statistics.

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